Performance Services

BG Performance Services:

Basic Oil Change
BG Fuel Injector Cleaning
Premium Oil Change with BG DOC (Diesel Oil Conditioner)
Basic Oil Change - $250.00
BG DOC Cost - 88.40
Performance Oil Change (Engine Flush)
Basic Oil Change - $250.00
BG Engin Flush Cost - $72.80
BG DOC Cost - $88.40

Miller Truck Lines Driveline Service Pricing:

Synthetic Rear Differentials & Transmission Service
BG Full Synthetic Gear Oil cost = $76.70
BG MGC (Multi-Gear Concentrate) Cost = $104.00
Average Differential Fluid Capacity = 6 gallons
Average Transmission Fluid Capacity = 4 gallons
Total = 10 Gallons
10 Gallons BG Synthetic Gear Oil x $76.70 = $767.00
1 gallon BG MGC = $104.00

About Miller Truck Lines

Miller Truck Lines is family owned and operated by James and Bonnie Miller, along with their sons. Miller Truck Lines was incorporated in April of 1983 and have gained respect and loyalty throughout the industry. The MTL management team has assembled a staff of dedicated transportation specialists that understand supply chain logistics, just-in-time (JIT) and truckload dedicated freight. Miller Truck Lines transportation services include refrigerated, dry van, tanker, flatbed, and a regional wrecker service.

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